Annual Report 2017

Arteris - Relatório Anual 2017
Arteris - Relatório Anual 2017

For the eleventh consecutive
year, Arteris has published the
results of its operations, as well
as the advances in the relationships
with its stakeholders and in the
works undertaken aiming at the
sustainable development of
the Brazilian road infrastructure.

This hotsite contains
the most important information
and more details can be
consulted in the full version,
available in PDF format.

Enjoy your reading!

670.7 million
vehicle equivalents.1

Up 2.9%
over 2016.

Reduction of
BRL 273.5 million
in financial expenses
between 2016 and 2017

BRL 4.7 billion
gross revenue.

An 8.8% increase in
relation to the previous period.

BRL 246.9 million
net income.

EBITDA of BRL 1.6 billion

14.3% increase
compared with 20162

1. Measure used to determine
traffic for light and heavy vehicles.
Each light vehicle corresponds to one
equivalent; for heavy vehicles,
measurement considers the number of axles.
2. Less the effect of the disposal of STP.

16 training sessions
of three hours each to
the managers of all
Arteris companies.

Launch of mandatory
online training on the
Code of Ethical Conduct -
4,837 employees
trained in 2017.

New compliance policies:
• Compliance Standard
• Anti-corruption Policy
• Standard for Prizes, Gifts and Hospitalities

to strengthen

Maintenance of

passageways for
animal protection

focused on